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Frightening, exhausting, thrilling – Manchester Velodrome shows what Derby can expect

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It is only a matter of months before the Derby Arena opens so we took a trip to the National Cycling Centre in Manchester to see what the city has to look forward to.

“WHATEVER you do, don’t stop pedalling.”

That is the main piece of advice as I and five other newbies push off from the rail at the Manchester Velodrome.

I am here on a taster session for people who have never been on a cycling track before.

The Thursday lunch time that I have chosen is well attended, with 12 cyclists of varying ages and genders taking to the boards, which form the home of Team GB’s Olympic athletes.

Half of the group have already completed their first session and are quickly on to the track warming up.

The rest of us track virgins nervously clip ourselves into the pedals of our bikes and grip the barrier...

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